by Anna Ash

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Recorded by
Michael Morris & George Zuccolotto at The Barn, Northfield, MN
Ben Tolliday in Los Angeles, CA
Dan Horne at Lone Palm Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by Dan Horne at Lone Palm Studio
Mastered by Devin Kerr at Good Hertz Studio, Pasadena, CA
All songs written by Anna Ash (BMI)
except for “Fruits of My Labor” by Lucinda Williams (BMI)
cover photo by Roch Armando
hotel drawing by Sam Strand


released September 6, 2016

Anna Ash - vocals, guitar
Joe Dart - bass
Julian Allen - drums
James Cornelison - guitar
Brett Farkas - guitar, baritone guitar
Joey Dosik - vocals, guitar, organ, piano, wurlitzer
Theo Katzman - vocals, guitar
Mike G. - vocals
Dan Horne - pedal steel


all rights reserved



Anna Ash Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: What You Didn't Say
You knew from the start
that we weren’t using our hearts
And I have to thank you for leaving early
before we let it get too far
I wouldn’t call that love

There’s that space after desire
where you have to be a lover or a liar
And I’m so sorry did I offend you
I thought you told me we were through
I wouldn’t go that low

What I overheard
and what you didn’t say
It’s what I told you
Track Name: Player
When you’ve been broken young
you don’t fear anyone
No one can do what’s been done
and nobody wins your love
I’m amazed you tried

‘Cause rich kids don’t seem to get it
what it means to survive
And I don’t think you get it
who’s keeping you alive

How long are you gonna play it like that
how long before we all want our money back
How long are you gonna say it’s not an act
how long are you gonna last

When you don’t remember why you’re leaving
and when you don’t remember why you left
When you don’t care about getting even
there’s no glory going back
I’d be amazed if you do

So you’re scared to love your lover
so you’re scared of what you know
Well no doubt you can find another
who won’t tell you what you need to be told

Track Name: Holding Out
What happens if I can’t quit you
what happens if I don’t forgive you
and I keep holding, holding, holding on

What happens if I keep working
these jobs that kill me these jobs that force me to
barely, barely, barely hold on

What happens if I get too old and I don’t have no money
and I don’t have a love
because I’m holding, holding, holding out

All the love we leave
and all that love you’re going to need from me

What happens if we all get married
will we forget or will we just not care
that we don’t know, don’t know, don’t know what to hold onto

Will you tell me if we’ve gone to far
and will you tell me if I ruin your heart
because I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know what we’re doing

All that love we leave
and all that love you’re going to need from me
All that love we choose to lose
and all that love I’m going to leave in you
Track Name: Fruits of My Labor
Baby see how I’ve been living
Velvet curtains on the windows too
Keep the bright and unforgiving
Light from shining through
Baby I remember all the things we did
When we slept together
And the blue behind your eyelids
Baby, sweet baby

Traced your scent through the gloom
'Til I found these purple flowers
I was spent I was soon smelling you for hours
Lavender, lotus blossoms too
Water the dirt flowers last for you
Baby, sweet baby

Tangerines and persimmons
And sugarcane
Grapes and honeydew melon
Enough fit for a queen
Lemon trees don't make a sound
'Til branches bend and fruit falls to the ground
Baby, sweet baby

Come to my world and witness
The way things have changed
'Cause I finally did it baby
I got out of La Grange
Got in my Mercury and drove out west
Pedal to the metal and my luck to the test
Baby, sweet baby

I been tryin' to enjoy all the fruits of my labor
I been cryin' for you boy but truth is my savior
Baby sweet baby if it's all the same
Take the glory any day over the fame
Baby, sweet baby
Track Name: Burning Up
I’ve been left plenty of times
but I still call that love mine
And you can prove me wrong all night
holding on won’t make it right

You’re burning up my love

Time can’t be fuel for fire
if I don’t fight does it make me a liar
Even if I leave tonight
you’ll still be the love of my life

Track Name: Let Me Love You
I want to tell you how it is now
tell you how it’s gonna be
Wish I could tell you that it works out
it works out with you and me

But you won’t let me love you
let me love you how I want to

‘Cause I’m not terrified of heartbreak
and I’m not terrified to lose
I’m only frightened of that blank stare
when it’s coming straight from you

And I hope you’re happier without me
if it was me all along
I was only trying to break in
but you let it break you down.


Oooh if I knew
If I knew what you would do
what you would do to my heart
Track Name: Steel Bone
How the hell did you get in here
who let you into my heart
Didn’t you know that it’s a steel bone
no one ever gets that far

All those years
all we fear
is each other

Good god it’s darker than I will admit
fighting flames with a fire that won’t quit
I throw my hands up bite the bullet
I learn to love and never show it

All those years spent alone
all that love you’ll never show

Wake up honey
I wanna wake up
we better wake up
Track Name: Savior of the Year
How did your heart get so bad
What kind of lover would do that
Well you don’t need to please me
But you shouldn’t need me
To tell you why

‘Cause I can’t undo what she did to you
And I don’t know what she put you through
Please can’t you see
I don’t need you to be

Some kind of way out of here
Some kind of reason not to disappear
Some kind of holy cure for my fear
Some kind of savior of the year

How did we do this so wrong
Who’s afraid of who and who’s been led on
Fooling us to believe
That we could ever be

Track Name: True Love
Who's been loving you lately
Who's been calling you baby
Do they hold you how you've always wanted to be held
Do they look at you and know exactly how I felt

Is it that true love
Is it the kind that made you want to run
Before the cruel world crushes you from above
Before you learn your heart is strong enough

Who's going to hold you tonight
Who's going to put up a better fight
Do they speak to you
and say all the things you wish I would have said
Do, tell me, do they want you as bad as I did
Track Name: Floodlights
I don’t have a reason
I don’t feel the seasons
I don’t have the feeling right
to be fooling anyone tonight

So baby lock your doors up
baby shut your heart off
baby just let this one go
I’m gonna drive to the beach
and sleep somewhere expensive alone

I’ll be driving from the eastside
driving through some floodlights
driving like I always drive
in all these old cars that start shaking at sixty-five
why would I dare stay
when you know my voice shakes when I lie

Wish I could tell you what I’m needing
tell you what I’m wanting
tell you what I’ve never had
but if you gave it all to me
I wouldn’t want you nearly as bad

No it’s not the end
and no it’s not the start
and no it’s not the time to cry
It ain’t gonna kill you
to sleep alone once in a while.

And I don’t have a reason
I can’t blame the seasons
and damnit don’t tell me I didn’t try
why would I dare stay
when you know my voice shakes when I lie

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