L​.​A. Flame

by Anna Ash

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released September 20, 2019

All songs written and produced by Anna Ash (BMI)
Mixed by Ryan Freeland
Mastered by Kim Rosen
Engineered by Mark Rains, Anna Ash, and Aaron Stern

Anna Ash: vocals, guitar, Wurlitzer (6), harmonica
Theo Katzman: drums, acoustic guitar (6), vocals (5, 8)
Julian Allen: drums (4, 7)
Aaron Stern: bass
Matthew LaRocca: electric guitar (1, 3, 6)
Jason Abraham Roberts: electric guitar (2, 4, 7)
Brian Whelan: baritone/electric guitar (5/8), Wurlitzer (3), organ
James Cornelison: fender bass VI (5), electric guitar (1, 5, 8)
Laura Mace: vocals (2, 5, 8)
Elizabeth Goodfellow: percussion (5, 8)
Gabe Noel: strings
Lee Pardini: piano, organ
Kat Myers: vocals (4, 9)
Dan Horne: crumar

Photos by Matthew Reamer
Design by Sam Strand


all rights reserved



Anna Ash Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Earthquake
I’m losing all my friends to fear and loneliness
They all don’t see it yet, a broken heart hurts less than regret
You can say it’s all good and done
but you’re missing the point and the fun
Of feeling strongly, and doing something, of letting love in, and letting it out again
I’m losing all my friends to love and happiness
They all don’t see it yet, you can’t forget how to take your own breath
You can say it won’t happen to me
I’m too honest and obsessed with being free
But the other morning, the walls were shaking,
I didn’t take cover, I just lay there thinking
Go on and take me,
I got some things done
It wasn’t perfect,
but at least I’ve been in love
Track Name: Going Down Fast
Well I told you I was losing hope
and you started crying and shaking
and saying no, no
You said tell me what you need
what can I do, who can I be
to keep you afloat
When you’re this far in
there’s no second guessing
I can’t argue myself off of that ledge
When I’m going down fast
talking like I might not last
you said, look at me, look at where we are
how’d we make it this far
They say it doesn’t help
to go get lost and lose yourself
in someone else
But the older I get
the more I question
if we’re just a little too afraid of it
When you’re this far in
there’s no second guessing
I can’t argue myself off of that ledge
When I’m going down fast
talking like I might not last
you said, look at me, look at where we are
look at me, look at where we are
Track Name: Apologies
I’m getting better at not saying sorry
and just forgiving myself
I’m getting better at calling your bullshit
within a reasonable doubt
I’m always making these jokes about manners
and how lost everyone out here seems to be
But honestly I’m the type of woman who profusely apologies when I shouldn’t be.
I really try not to think about the years
and all the people and the time I wasted on them
I really try to think it was all very meaningful
and it was just building up to be this really great moment
Because there’s so many ways to live and there’s so many reasons to cry
And with just a little bit of a privilege, you can start believing your own lies
I used to be fine being the only woman in the room
But then man, all that noise just starts to get to you.
I keep dreaming that someone’s truly trying to kill me
And I wake up breathless and terrified to move
Just another reason why we keep our loved ones by our side
Cause there’s no getting out, there’s only getting through it
I’m getting better at walking away
and closing the door loudly behind me
Cause there’s no trophy at the end of the day for being easy going and charming
Track Name: Stalemate
You can write yourself into somebody’s history
and claim memory and importance and how it should be
You were always kind of useless as a kid
and hot damn, looks like we’re growing out of it
Think about how awful it once was
and you’re still waiting on a declaration to finally wake you up
Well don’t you dare ever admit how serious you felt about this
You know you give someone a job
You give someone a name
You give someone something they’re suppose to never be the same
You say you don’t ever expect
You say it’s easier like that
Well if nobody ever throws, what the fuck are you going to catch
Catch me baby, one more time as I fall
Fall for you
One more time as I lose it
Cause you’re a damn good view
but I’m not throwing down until you
We’ll waltz around in place, ignore the obvious stalemate
It’s a fairly good case, to say,
Well here goes me and there goes you
here goes me and there goes you
here goes me and there goes you
Track Name: L.A. Flame
Keep me as a good memory
it’ll keep me from getting old
Keep me as your L.A. flame
and let me know how that goes
Make me close to perfect
make you my late night call
make it up to me in a year or two
see if I still like you at all
Man, did my heart get in your way?
In your way of being the man you want to be
In your way of what you think you really need
Cause the cruelest joke is thinking that being alone is going to make you free
You can have the whole world handed to you, but it won’t include me
Because I’ve been waiting like a summer storm
holding my breath too long
I’ve been the fool, the bitch, the breaker, and the broken
weren’t you going to prove me wrong?
Well take it all too personal
that’s what it always is
don’t blame the time, don’t blame the gig,
don’t blame your father, don’t blame the way you’ve always been.
Just keep it easy
Keep me a memory
But, man, did my heart get in your way?
Track Name: Destroyer
Don’t make me your life
don’t make me your breath
don’t give me that power
don’t blame me like that
Destroy, destroy, destroy, she said
well that isn’t our life
that’s a book you once read
I’m tired of calling this kind of shit out
your rich guy guilt and your crippling self-doubt
Honey why’d we
let it get so bad
Honey why’d we
let it get so bad

Cause I made you my type
I made you my dream
I saw something I liked
I just took it and ran with it
Destroy me, destroy me, destroy me, you said
well that’s not who I am
and that’s not what you get
I’m tired of hearing that same apology
‘I’m sorry babe it’s not you, it’s always me’
Track Name: Wildest Dreams
When all your wildest dreams start coming true
and all your lovers still love you
The one who always played it right on
the one who always made you feel so young
who pulled you out of the car in the pouring rain
Cause here you don’t’ know when you’ll ever feel it again
You’ll feel that good again, and again
feel that good again, and again
When all your phone calls start coming back
and you quit racing on someone else’s track
Even if they all believe in you
they’ll always be someone who see’s through
where you’ve been, if you could do it all again
And feel that good again, you’ll be that good again
And again, you’ll feel that good again, and again.
Track Name: Some Kind of Miracle
That one time when you had it planned out
that one time when your money ran out
that one time when you got too strung out
and you always, always swear
Never again will I wait for someone
never again will I be a young one
and if hard work is overdone
I’ll just say I’m doing this for fun
Because I’ve been trying to wake up early
I’ve been trying to get to know me
I’m getting better but it’s hard to believe
I’ll always be a freak but I’m easy to please
I just got over my last defeat
and it’s some kind of miracle
you still believe in me
Cause I’m only telling the truth half the time
because sadness ain’t for everyone
yea they like you more when you lie
Don’t you see where the years are going
can’t you feel your heartbeat slowing
as you watch another life pass you by
cause you’re busy showing up to work on-time
And you said, well I followed the script
I went from A to B and I still feel like shit
cause it turns out everybody’s playing by different rules
and nobody can break yours except you
Track Name: Required Ending
Honey it’s not the first time, I let my spirit die
It’s a different song, a different view, it’s still not paradise
They say what’re you waiting around for, why can’t you fill up your days
You know it’s a sign of craziness, doing the same thing and expecting to change
Cause I’ve got one more in me
There’s no arc to the story
Life’s a series of beginnings
Living it, requires endings
Honey it’s not the last time, I’ll lose my train of thought
I’ll forget the words, forget the point, slow down, I’m getting off
You can’t go blaming a city, because it doesn’t have a heart
City’s they don’t break you, unless you’re playing your part
Maybe you’ve seen some sadness, maybe you’ve felt some joy
But do you know the fateful difference between wanting and needing more
There’s living a life, there’s living a dream, and there’s breathing somewhere in between
Go find your god, your faith, your love, something to prop up your self-esteem

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